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Imbil Friendly Grocer.

The Bed and Breakfast Network - Gympie Accommodation.

Bamboo Textiles and Socks.

Mary Valley Adventure Trails Horse Riding Tours.

Dingo Creek Vineyard - - The Home of the annual Dingo Creek Wine, Jazz and Blues Festival.


Discover Cooloola's Mary Valley - a unique hinterland experience.

Mary Valley Road Map by Google Maps

Google Maps are a division of Google and are available for display of publicly accessible websites. The google maps technology enables the visitor to "move" around the Valley.

To use the Google map, there are several features and navigation controls as follows:

  1. Move around map - place your mouse in the map, hold down the left button and drag the map until your desired location is centre of the map.
  2. Zoom In (bring the map closer to show greater detail) - click on the + sign at the top of the magnification control to the left of the map.
  3. Zoom Out (move out from the map to reduce detail and show a greater area) - click on the + sign at the top of the magnification control to the left of the map.
  4. Move a set distance - click the navigation arrows at the top left of the map. This will move the map in the direction of the arrow by a distance equal to the scale shown at the bottom of the map (the current map scale is 10 miles - click a directional arrow will move the map 10 miles in the direction of the arrow.
  5. Re-centre - click the button in the middle of the 4 directional arrows to the left to re-centre the map to it's original location and scale
  6. Move to a certain point on the map - place the mouse over the point and double click.
  7. Satellite/Hybrid - the satellite and hybrid buttons also provide amazing views of the Mary Valley using Google Earth imagery.



For a limited time, we are offering to install a Google map on your own website at FREE OF CHARGE charge (Websites must be part of the network or website owners must be a Member of the Cooloola Regional Development Bureau).

If you would like more information on our new Mary Valley website or the network, please contact:

Allan Caulfield

Phone: (07) 5482 3478
Mobile: 0409 823 478

Ticket info - call 800-555-1212