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Traveston Dam News

Bringing you news about the Mary River Dam proposed by the Queensland Government at Traveston Crossing on the Mary River.

With the re-election of the Beattie Labour Government in Queensland on Saturday 9th September 2006, we believe that the important issue of the proposed dam needs to be highlighted as much as possible to provide a better understanding of the environmental and community impacts facing the Mary Valley. Saturday's election results indicate that the people of Queensland as a whole are either not aware of or not concerned about the destruction of the Mary Valley community or the devastating impact on endangered unique wildlife namely the Mary River Cod (Maccullochella peelii mariensis ), the Mary River Turtle (Elusor macrurus) and the Queensland Lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri).

While Premier Beattie and his Government have been given a mandate by the majority of Queensland voters to "fix the ailing health system" and introduce the "proposed water grid", this mandate should not include the likely community and environmental devastation associated with flooding the rich Mary Valley to provide a water supply for Brisbane.

We acknowledge that water supply is a critical factor for population growth (along with roads and waste disposal etc) and my opinion is that State and Local Government have "missed the target" in their infrastructure planning - something that is evident by the major political backflips we have seen since the dam announcement.

South East Queensland is experiencing unprecedented growth rates and decisive action is necessary to meet the associated infrastructure demands. The Governments new mandate appears to be to build the "water grid" but surely this action must be soundly planned and implemented based on full and proper engineering and environment impact assessment.

The Queensland Government was required to make application to the Federal Government to gain approval to construct the dam. This application was rejected by the Federal Government on environmental grounds.

In the end, the Traveston Dam debacle was a huge waste of time and money that could have been avoided if proper environmental investigations had been undertaken in the initial stages of planning.

Water supply planning is a key issue for the increasing population growth rates in South East Queensland. It is important for Government to look at the bigger picture and undertake planning for a longer horizon now instead of trying to implement emergency storage solutions during dry times.

Make a hotel booking before planning your next holiday and include visiting the Mary Valley on your itinerary.

The Mary Valley region is in the recovery process after the rejection of the dam project. Rebuilding following the Government land purchases and community disruption is a big task however, the natural beauty of the area and the resolve of the community is making a difference.


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